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The Paddy Power Political Book Awards is a much-awaited event in political literature and publishing

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Welcome to this year’s Paddy Power Political Book Awards! This is our official website where you can be updated with the nominees and judges for each category and finally, the winners during the awards night.

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The Paddy Power Political Book Awards is a much-awaited event in political literature and publishing. It is a shining moment for celebration for those in the non-fiction literary works.

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It is made possible with the help of Politicos.co.uk which brings us the most extensive selection of political writing on the internet. Prizes for all categories are generously donated by Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC.

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The Paddy Power Political Book Awards will be held on December 28th at six o’ clock in the evening in the BFI IMAX cinema. Well-known and respected judges and guests will be present as well as the best political writers that we have.

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Inspiring political figures will also grace the event so it promises to be another unforgettable night for everyone. For our avid followers here on Paddy Power’s Political Book Awards, here is a treat for you.

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Here is the newly released list of this year’s judges for each category. The Political Book of the Year is the most coveted award for the book that is deemed to have the most significant impact in Britain’s political arena.

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The judges are Lord Ashcroft, Lord Andrew Adonis, Ann Treneman, Keith Simpson, and Mary Beard. The winner will receive $10,000. The Debut Political Book of the Year is given to the author who was able to have a breakthrough with his or her first politically inspired writing and is seen to have great potential in the years to come. The judges for this category are Damian McBride, Isabel Hardman, Marilyn Warnick, Jane Merrick, and Nick de Bois. The prize is $3,000.

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The Political Biography of the Year is given to the author who wrote an inspiring and well-researched biography of a political figure. The judges are Andrew Mitchell, Jo Coburn, Darren Henley OBE, Carolyn Quinn, and Philip Cowley. This is just a partial list of the categories and their respective judges. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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We will be updating this page with the final list of judges for all of the categories as soon as they are out. As it is, we are sure to be graced by these outstanding political figures, civil servants, authors, journalists, editors, and members of the academe. Tickets for the awards night are available for purchase at the BFI IMAX cinema booth or on this site.

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While we all await the awards night and all its brilliance and splendor, take the time to read the books nominated under each category. We are sure it would be a fine list of good reads to tickle your inquisitive minds. Be inspired by the lives of political figures, be updated with the different perspectives on burning political debates, know more about the history and how it was shaped by politics. You can read these books from the comfort of your own homes, while inside the garage doors in Michigan or any place you want to.

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